Foal diary


Bay filly by Lonhro out of Accessories


Hello, I was born on 5 September 2014 at Woodlands.  My dad is the great LONHRO and he has a very very dark coat– as you can see I have taken after my dad’s colour.  The staff at the farm think I am elegant and look athletic!


My dad lives at another farm called Kelvinside.  My dad is very famous and your parents might know him – the Australian public loved him and called him the ‘Black Flash’.  He was the Horse of the Year in Australia and Champion miler, and also was Champion three-year-old. 


In the next couple of months I will officially turn one and will be known as a Yearling.



I am currently living at Kelvinside in NSW where I am taking my first steps in the journey to being a racehorse. I am being taught all sorts of things - I am getting used to wearing a saddle and saddle cloth and I also sometimes have to wear shoes like a real racehorse does!

Scott and his team at Kelvinside are trying to teach me so many things so I can become a racehorse just like my mum and dad. Sometimes I may not do what I am told, but Scott is very patient with me. I will have another few weeks here at Kelvinside and then I will be off to Sydney to spend some time with the trainer John O’Shea at Crown Lodge.


I have a lot to live up to – two of my big half-brothers, Helmet and Epaulette, won G1 races, and another of my half-brothers, Bullbars, and my half-sister, Pearls, have also won important races. One day I hope I can be as good as they all were!



Hey everyone! Since my last update I have travelled all over Australia! I have been to Kelvinside, Crown Lodge & Northwood Park. I have made lots of friends while I was at Kelvinside being broken in. For the past five weeks I have been living down at Northwood Park in Victoria. I like it here, it is beautiful and my handlers are very nice to me so in return I am very polite to them. I have been having a holiday here while I relax and get excited for my big year ahead! I am two years old now so hopefully I will be back in work soon and you will see me on the race track this year!