Foal diary


Chesnut filly by Animal Kingdom out of Essaouira



I was born at Northwood Park in Victoria on 11th October 2015. My mum also lives at Northwood Park. My dad is an American horse called Animal Kingdom, he was their Champion and won their biggest race, the Kentucky Derby. My brother, named Astern, won a very big race this year called the Silver Slipper Stakes.

This year I have learnt how to stay in a horse box by myself without my mum. I have also had my feet done quite a few times, but I really don’t like having people handling my feet!


I am able to wear my head collar and I have also learnt to ride on a truck and to let a nice lady at the farm lead me on and off the truck.


As you can see from my photo I am a little bit cheeky!



Wow, I think I’ve turned into a flashy yearling since the time you saw me don’t you agree?  I haven’t been broken in yet but my handlers at Northwood park have been getting me used to being groomed, having my teeth rasped and having my accommodating rug on.  This week, I will travel to Kelvinside so I can start breaking-in preparation.  I can’t wait to see my new surrounding and to start a new adventure, it won’t be too long and you will see me in the big city in my first barrier trial, maybe even my first race! I have been named Leopard!